Plattsburgh State Art Museum
Senior Exhibition 2003
Burke Gallery & Myers Lobby Gallery
April 26 - May 17, Noon to 4, 7 days a week

Natalie Gaines
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76. Proposition for WTC, 42" x 32", oil paint
77. See Through Me, 36" x 24", oil paint
78. Design is Imaginary, 30" x 48", oil paint
79. Lost and Found, 34" x 48", oil paint
80. Duel Mechanics, 46" x 58", oil paint
81. Dan In Red, 16" x 20 ", charcoal/oil pastel/oil paint
82. Sky Dan Study, 16 " x 20", oil paint/pastel
83. Zach #1, 12" x 16", oil paint
84. Zach #2, 12" x 16", oil paint
85. Self #1, 12" x 16", oil paint/pastel
86. Self #2, 12" x 16", oil paint/pastel

We artists who love order and symmetry, isolate ourselves and are working to define only one thing. -Vincent Van Gough

he eye exists in its primitive state. -Andre Breton

We live our splendid lives as a means for questioning the ready-made answers we have procured for ourselves. Rarely is there the opportunity to pose an absolutely original question who's answer hasn't been an exhausted vehicle for centuries. We therefore develop our own questions in relation to the obvious answers before us. These are answers that we accept.

Relationships between objects that are both personal and strange work multilaterally. What I represent must always be a cohesive, but not always consistent, display of this systematic and covertly spontaneous action. Aggression is the appeal. A diluted subject matter attracts the idea of color manipulation and the proclamation of an independent space. Here an independent question is then posed to the answer of depth and design. This is my venture to persuade the emotions, mostly feelings of subjection, and thus consideration of the constant reality that we have formed purely out of the answers that we have not yet questioned.

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