Plattsburgh State Art Museum
Senior Exhibition 2003
Burke Gallery & Myers Lobby Gallery
April 26 - May 17, Noon to 4, 7 days a week

Elizabeth R. Hoffman
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97. Robert's Ride, 3'1" x 2", acrylic/pastel on canvas
98. Looking Down, 20" x 37", acrylic/pastel/ found objects on canvas
99. Emery's Expanse, 28" x 32", acrylic/charcoal on canvas
100. Bubba's Bay, 17" x 21", acrylic/ pastel on canvas board
101. Edward's Expedition, 21" x 24", acrylic/pastel/ found objects on canvas
102. Lena Lagoon, 20" x 24", watercolor/pastel on paper
103. Daesha's Dingy, 15" x 18", watercolor/acrylic on canvas paper
104. Meggie's Mast, 17" x 21", acrylic/pastel/ found objects on canvas
105. Homeward Harry, 22" x 26", acrylic/ found objects on paper
106. Silas and Witter, 14" x 38", acrylic/pastel/ found objects on paper and canvas

Growing up I spent every summer in Saranac Lake. My favorite things were exploring the islands, or riding around in the boat with my family. I love the outdoors and being near the water. This is why I first started painting my boat series.

I believe that another reason for my boat series had to do with my major fear of drowning. I have never had a bad experience with water, but I am terrified of drowning (I still plug my nose when I go under water). The combination of these two things is apparent in my paintings, where sometimes the water looks a bit dark and scary. Also, my feelings of a love and fear for the water give these paintings an almost unsettling feeling.

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