Plattsburgh State Art Museum
Senior Exhibition 2003
Burke Gallery & Myers Lobby Gallery
April 26 - May 17, Noon to 4, 7 days a week

Daniel Lindsey
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134. Fork, 3 5/8" x 3 ", etching
135. Paid in Full, 23" x 17", lithograph
136. Revelation, 8 " x 5 ", lithograph
137. Untitled, 7 " x 5 ", lithograph
138. Untitled, 6 " x 5 ", pencil
139. Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body, 44" x 33", charcoal and mixed media
140. Must Be the Colors and the Kids That Keep Me Alive, 22 " x 30 ", pencil and acrylic
141. Untitled, 29" x 21", charcoal and acrylic
142. Untapped, 12 " x 9 ", pencil
143. Heavens Climb, 25 " x 17 ", pencil and acrylic
144. Untitled, 23 " x 24", pencil
145. Untitled, 16" x 20", pencil

The way in which I approach drawing is to first look at my inspiration and then to interpret the subject in such a way to suggest an emotion from the viewer. My art is about provoking an emotion or a thought. If my art cannot produce either of these, then I have failed.

My thoughts and emotions begin to reveal themselves through the joining together of the pencil and paper. The technical aspect of my work depends on the sentiment that I want to convey to the observer. My ability to render subjects as I see them gives me the advantage of being blunt. But, by being blunt, the viewer is blocked from going any further into the image, revealing its true passion. Single objects, by themselves, can have a multitude of effects on the viewer. In the past I have tried to convey a single purpose through my ability, but through viewer interpretations I have found that art means different things to different people. So instead of trying to make a single purpose behind a piece of work, I try to let the work reveal itself to the viewer. There is no right or wrong response to my work, only a reaction.

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