Plattsburgh State Art Museum
Senior Exhibition 2003
Burke Gallery & Myers Lobby Gallery
April 26 - May 17, Noon to 4, 7 days a week

Dustin G. Manning
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146. A Sense of Space, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
147. Mannequin, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
148. Burning Leaves , 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
149. War, 16" x 20", Adobe Illustrator
150. Curiosity Killed the Cat, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
151. Imagination, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
152. Blacklight, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator
153. Howard Stern, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
154. Menu Cover Design for Fictional Coffee Shop, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
155. Adirondack Stamps, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
156. Package Design for Fictional Circular Saw Company, 16" x 20", Freehand
157. Package Design for Fictional Hot Sauce and Salsa Company, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop
158. Proposed Logo Design for Clinton County Highway Department, 16" x 20",
             Adobe Illustrator
159. Proposed Homepage for NYSATA Region Five, 16" x 20", Adobe Photoshop

When I first started college I entered it with great uncertainty. I began my collegiate career as an art major but wasn't really certain what direction to take. All I knew was that I really enjoyed art and it was something I had reasonable success with.

It wasn't until the first half of my Sophomore year that I took my first graphics class. I instantly took a liking to this form of media, combining two of my favorite things: art and computers. Of particular importance, the real world application of design really strengthened my resolve to pursue it as my career of choice.

I always consider myself more of a fine art artist than a commercial artist-an appreciation I developed during my high school years at Peru Central School under the instruction of their great art faculty. I like to bring this element of fine art into my commercial work and judge my success on this standard. I specifically enjoy using the Photoshop program and the manipulation of photographic images with it.

My favorite imagery are those that express my love of the North Country, especially its people and the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

My four years at Plattsburgh State have been a wonderful experience and I'd like to express my deep-hearted thanks to the great art faculty at Plattsburgh State for their professionalism and unwavering support.

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