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Spring Thaw, 2000
36” x 48”
oil on canvas

Brian Kiernan
Morrisonville, NY
Plattsburgh State

Art is merely the word for an intangible process in which my individual feelings are captured from the world surrounding me. Art is about honesty, and when it is done purely, it acts as a window to the soul. It leaves footprints across the canvas, telling a story through me, and of me. It is in these footprints where an artist can create and take risks.

I choose to work from nature because it is closest to my heart. It is the essential ingredient that I need to paint because it keeps me open and alive with its endless possibilities. I believe that beauty within the context of art is not achieved through a particular subject, but rather on how the subject affects the artist and how it is expressed. I grew up in the country surrounded by nature, and have always been fascinated by its uncertainty. When I walk through the forest it seems surreal to me. There is a sense of chaos and order which always leads to a unique sensory experience. It is the drama of light breaking through the canopy of the treetops which creates an incredible pattern of light, shadow, and movement, all while the chaos is shattered in its broken reflection on the moving water. It is these elements of light, shape, and color, which create a delicate balance of abstraction and form, affecting my eyes’ perception of the distance and space in nature. These unique elements are what draws my eye to a subject and are essential to my interest in painting.


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