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Landscape with Building, 2000
oil on canvas, 38” x 34”

Caron Roulston
Chateaugay, NY
North Country Community College

Life can often be hectic as we find ourselves pushed and pulled by forces beyond our control. I hope to convey to the viewer a calm and peaceful environment in my landscape paintings and figurative drawings. For me, the hours I spend painting and drawing are calm and peaceful, and leads to a humanizing experience when trying to capture a moment in time. I find that my interest in the Arts has grown stronger with experience and instruction. The time I have spent here at Plattsburgh has been the most rewarding and enriching. In the future, I will continue to study the effects of light, color, and composition in both painting and drawing. My studies in these and other art related areas will be an ongoing process. I believe that gaining knowledge and experience is the best way to enrich my life both personally and professionally.


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