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Self portrait, 1999,
pencil drawing

Eric Halpin
Ogdensburg, NY
Plattsburgh State

There are many different forms and styles of art, and some may or may not be considered art depending on the person judging it. Before coming to Plattsburgh State I hadn’t had any background in art. I started taking art history and studio classes, my interests grew, and eventually I declared art history as my major. As an art history major with studio background, I’ve gained respect and learned just how precious art can be. Art is all around us; it is a universal feature of the human race. I believe art is how far your imagination can take you. It can be a sense of release. It is of beauty and expression. Art is about being creative and emotional. Art may be physical, mental, and abstract, it draws opinions, is historical, can be shocking, relaxing, humorous, spiritual, and can be very personal to say the least. Art is an integral part of our society.

Over the years I’ve experienced a growing interest in graphic design. Some don’t believe it is an art form, but I do. It is communication through art. Graphic design is meant to catch the viewer’s attention, maybe even more than other art forms do because that is its main purpose. It is for the viewer even more than the designer. I enjoy creating messages and seeing how people react to them.


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