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Lamentation, 1999
oil on canvas
46” x 24”

Jennie Barnard
Bloomingburg, NY
Plattsburgh State

I think of myself as more of an observer of this world than an avid participant. I am like an anthropologist sitting back and watching some strange culture. I try to convey my biased observations in my work. It is difficult not to transfuse the images I paint with the aspects of myself. So most of my pieces turn out to be, in many ways, self-portraits. I deal with very personal and psychological issues, which I do not feel need to be explained. The audience should be able to take from them their own personal interpretations.

I work in a manner which accents the reality of the painting as a two-dimensional surface. At the moment I am applying my paint in a very smooth manner, which leaves little, or no texture or brush strokes visible. I want my colors to remain clean and separate from one another. This separation adds to the two dimensionality of my work.


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