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Ossuary, 1999,
metal, canvas,
fiberglass, resin

Kevin Di Tondo
Binghamton, NY
transfer: Broome Community College

As I create art I am inspired by my surroundings, creating art through my life’s experiences. I bring these experiences into my art by using texture that society hasn’t had the pleasure of felling or seeing before. The basis of my work is outdoor related due to experiences that I have witnessed in my own life. When I am thinking of designing a work, I automatically think of texture, or organic shapes. The viewer should also get a sense of transparency through my work. There are objects that block out certain sections of my work, forcing the viewer to look through my pieces or around them. I also use ropes, chains, and hooks to create a sense of suspension, to seize a moment in time where an object has been frozen. The work forces me to capture or relay the importance of “Life” to people.


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