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The Midwife Meets a Fairy, 2000
oil, 28” x 34”

Patricia Walsh
Pleasant Valley, NY
Ducthess Community College

Inspiration for the narrative series:
“After a while they came to a steep hill. A door opened in the side of the hill and they went in. They rode until they came to a big house and inside there were lots of people, eating and drinking. In a corner of the house there lay a woman in labour.”
-excerpt from Eilis Ni Dhuibhne’s Midwife to the Fairies

Light, color, and the psychological— that is what I paint. The “Vanessa” series has light and color, and, if there is anything else, it was unintentional. Look and find what you want. If you are unhappy with my interpretations then find your own. I only painted the things, so don’t expect an explanation worthy of the gods. I paint for the patient and interested, and everyone else is everyone else. After all, my destiny is to be an artist, and that is what I am.


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