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Untitled, 1999 - 2000
steel, 18”

Walter Varela
College Point, NY
Plattsburgh State

I have no idea what to write about my work, where would I start and end—that’s something I don’t know and probably will never need to achieve. I do know that I get bored reading an artist’s statement where he or she tries to impress me on how they know the answers to their own artistic thoughts, emotions, and problems in relation to the successful expression and completion of their work. Maybe we’ll eventually find the solution, but as young artists, do we actually know how to interpret, in our chosen mediums, our abstract and representational visions? I don’t think we can at this moment; however, through growth, careful thinking, dedication, and “trial and error,” our art can achieve the level of success we intend. I see our college level work as “visual steps” or sketches for future masterpieces. I know in the near future I will dominate photography and sculpture; therefore, I must fine-tune my skills and instruments as if I were a musician practicing and perfecting the expression of art. Please view my work for what it represents and not for answers, explanations, and discoveries. The representation is the eye I see life as.


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