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The Senior Art Exhibition is a highlight of the academic year, not only for the art department, but also for the College. The exhibition celebrates senior art majors from the B.F.A. and B.A. programs, showcases the diversity and quality of their work, embodies artistic development within an excellent liberal arts education, and offers the College and community a rich aesthetic experience. The art of these students results from individual artistic visions and countless influences. The artists have learned from other students, art faculty, visiting artists, general education and liberal arts courses, visits to NYC galleries, internships, tutorials and study abroad. Each student has completed an art foundation program of drawing, design and art history. Each has explored several media, and has concentrated in at least one medium. Each student has integrated these influences though creativity, hard work, intelligence and intuition. The result is this exhibition of diverse works revealing individual passions and ideas. This exhibition is the culmination of a process that started in September 2001, when each student presented a portfolio of work to the art faculty. Subsequent to that review, each student created new work specifically for the exhibition. The process required close work with a faculty sponsor/mentor, collaboration with peers and the Museum Director, and a commitment to critical self-assessment combined with long hours in the studio. The exhibited works are both a culmination of these studentsŐ undergraduate years and a foundation for future work, as most of these students will continue on to graduate school and careers in the visual arts. These seniors have created works with both aesthetic sensitivity and a variety of formal, sociopolitical and personal interests. They have enriched this department and this college. The art faculty is pleased to have sponsored these students, is proud of both the quality and the diversity of their work, and offers them its congratulations.

Rick Mikkelson,
Art Department Chairperson

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