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Benjamin Lock

Sculpture is a way that I can create solid, weighted, three-dimensional forms that can stimulate curiosity as well as visually enhance space. I enjoy exploring the uses of different materials. The use of shape and line are important characteristics in my work. Sculpture lacks size limitations and lets me explore any idea. In my construction of sculpture, I include the relationships of different materials and ideas. Contrasting steel with concrete, and weight with form, are strong aspects of my work. The physical relationship with these materials is a rewarding part of sculpture. Whether constructing forms to confine the concrete, or more freely using organic molds, the interaction with the work is an important part of the process. The use of steel as a compliment to the concrete as well as an underlying structure strengthens my work. The elegance of hard cold steel formed with heavy rough concrete creates a solid beauty in my sculpture. I find the versatility of steel very satisfying. It is a material that lends itself to many forms and ideas. The incorporation of wood is also apparent in my work. This use of another material adds to the physical and aesthetic qualities of my sculpture. My sculptures are abstract forms that relate to forces. This idea is an important underlying structure for the forms and meaning of my work. Sculpture is a medium with which I can physically interact with. This aspect combined with my creativity and passion for the work generates sculpture as an important form of expression for me.

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92. Stability, 2002, 20" x 15" x 20", steel/concrete
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View the art 89. Stronghold, 2002, 6'6" x 2'6", wood/steel/concrete
90. Weighted Clarity, 2001, 4'8" x 4' x 2'6", wood/steel/concrete
91. Command of Rigidity (outside), 2002, 12'8" x 7'6" x 7'6", steel/concrete/chain
View the art 93. Asylum, 2001, 4'2" x 2' x 10.5", wood/steel/concrete
94. Duration, 2002, 19" x 23" x 18", steel/concrete
View the art 95. Static Vitality, 2001, 19" x 23" x 18", steel
View the art 96. Balanced Restriction of Form, 2001, 21" x 23" x 19", marble/steel/cable
97. Exercise of Shapes, 2001, 16" x 22" x 15", steel
View the art 98. Solid Curve, 2001, 32" x 20" x 12", steel/concrete
99. Individual Unity (outside), 2001, 6' x 10'6" x 15", steel/concrete/chain
100. Abstract I, 2001, 33" x 19", intaglio
101. Abstract II, 2001, 33" x 19", intaglio
102. Tumult, 2002, 34" x 26", intaglio
103. Repose, 2001, 34" x 26", intaglio
104. Serenity, 2002, 34" x 26", intaglio
View the art 105. Initiative, 2001, 26" x 34", intaglio

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