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David Barry

Image making for me has always been an attempt to balance conception with technique. By this I mean that I wish to find equilibrium between the idea behind a piece and the fabrication of the image itself. I feel that it is easy for one to drown out the other. In my most recent works I believe that I have begun to find this balance.

Color is a major part of the technical side of my painting; meaning, that I find color relationships to be essential. Brightness and purity of hues have been a driving force for me. I try to make my color as pure as I can on my palette before putting it on the canvas, where I leave some room for color mixing and interweaving.

I like to exaggerate the mark making, keeping an expressive flare, while at the same time containing those marks into vertical and horizontal passages of color. These give a broken surface to the figures and environments I paint.

Conceptually, I have always liked to form relationships between the figures and their environments, which usually lead to a lot of questions from the viewer. There is a voyeuristic sensibility to my work, wherein one looks at it as if they were seeing a moment in time when something unusual is occurring between the subjects. These events usually have a sinister edge to them, which symbolize my observations of human relationships with each other.

I do not wish to make a painting, or a sculpture for that matter, just to function as a decoration, or a pretty picture to look at and pass by. Instead my vision is to create an image which a viewer must try to figure out. If I can get someone who knows nothing of art to stop and look at my painting for one minute before moving on, while at the same time arousing someone who is attuned to art, I have succeeded in my goal for balance.

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15. Consequent, 2001, 60" x 49", oil on canvas
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View the art 14. Fetish, 2002, 47.5" x 37", oil on canvas
16. Fray, 2002, 28" x 26", oil on canvas
17. Cryptic, 2002, 48" x 36", oil on plexiglas
View the art 18. Tier, 2002, 34" x 34", oil on canvas
View the art 19. Ruin, 2002, 75.5" x 23.5" x 75.5", steel
View the art 20. Narcissus, 2001, 32" x 27.5" x 20.5", steel

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