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Heidi Von Hoffman

I have a strong interest in color that exemplifies itself in my paintings. I use a wide palette and different tones. This is what my objective is, especially in the dark colors. I concentrate in painting primarily using oil medium even though I have also worked in acrylics. My interest in painting stems from my father's influence. He taught me to have appreciation for art and encouraged my desire to paint at a very young age. I began painting using acrylic medium focusing primarily on landscapes. My mother and sister have also shown me their continuous support over the years. I would also like to mention that my grandparents have always shown respect for my work and have helped me financially to allow me to continue painting. This support from my family is very important to me and has allowed me to never lose focus in what I am trying to accomplish with my art.

When I first entered Plattsburgh State I had never worked with the figure or a live model. In taking painting I grew a deeper understanding of the figure and was now able to explore my subject matter. What I am interested in my painting is how it is received to the viewer. What feelings and questions that comes to the viewer's attention when they see my work is my objective. I also want to see if the color choices that I have made in relationship to the subject matter are effective in drawing the viewer's attention. Over the years I painted portraits rotating between photographs and live models. I hope that my work draws the viewer to question. Who are these people and what is their relationship to each other? What is going on in this particular painting and what is the relationship to each other? What is going on in this particular painting and what is the relationship between all of the paintings? I don't want to trap the viewer to think just like me. I want them to explore their own feelings to what I was trying to accomplish and I hope my work shows that.

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174. See What I'm Saying?, 2002, 22" x 38", oil on canvas
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View the art 173. Stupid Girl Thinks She Has Talent, 2002, 38" x 50", oil on canvas
175. See I'm Smiling, 2000, 32" x 38", oil on canvas
View the art 176. Why Are You Smiling?, 2001, 38" x 27", oil on canvas
View the art 177. Christian Parents, 2001, 24" x 28", oil on canvas
View the art 178. Hurt Her and I'll Kill You!, 2002, 56" x 54", oil on canvas
View the art 179. Meowk!, 2000, 26" x 20", oil on canvas
View the art 180. He Won't Get Away With It!, 2001, 36" x 38", oil on canvas

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