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Jamie Bowman

Somewhere in the recesses of my grandparents' closet, a perpetual stack of drawing paper existed. Among my fondest childhood memories was sneaking into the closet and grabbing as much of that paper as my eager hands could carry. Into their living room I would retreat with that stack of paper and a box of Crayolas. This was a popular pastime for my cousin, Stacey, and me; we would spend entire afternoons sketching with the vivid colors.

I admired Stacey's drawings, sometimes with an envious heart. Always, she created magnificent creatures that inhabited new and exciting lands. While, I, on the other hand, chose to draw the mundane - pictures of my parents, my grandparents' worn, scratchy, orange couch, and many portraits of their plastic fern plants. These were the things I knew best.

When I think of these moments spent drawing in the safety of Nana and Papa's, I laugh. I really haven't changed much at all. Crayola crayons have given way to oil paints, but I'm still just drawing - orchestrating those vivid colors just as I always have. Furthermore, I am still painting Mom and Dad, friends, aunts and uncles, the occasional sofa, and even a few house plants. I strive to find a basic understanding of my subjects, amidst my brushes and canvas.

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26. Red, 2001, 36" x 28", oil on canvas
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View the art 25. Leonard, 2002, 24" x 18", oil on canvas
View the art27. Claire, 2002, 21" x 16", oil on canvas
View the art 28. Arlea in a Brown Chair, 2002, 36" x 30", oil on canvas
View the art 29. Model in a Draped Environment, 2001, 36" x 28", oil on canvas
View the art 30. Face of a Boy, 2002, 12" x 9", oil on canvas

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