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Jeannine Bolio-Halliday

My paintings are based on my emotions and personal experiences. They personify my deepest thoughts experienced through my personal heartaches. My exaggerated sense of light and intense colors are intended to create emotions that contribute to the mystery of the paintings. Each painting is nostalgic of a time and place where I once was. By using different materials in and on the surface, they become more than just a painting. They are intended to make the viewer look a little harder. I have a great sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece of art. I strive to make each painting have its own sense of individuality.

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23. Oliver, 2002, 4' x 5', thread, oil on canvas
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View the art 21. Tears of the Blue Bird, 2002, 4' x 5' Dyptic, ribbon, oil on canvas
View the art 22. Idle Wings, 2002, 6' x 5', fabric, oil on canvas
View the art 24. Pear Tree in My Yard, 2002, 3.5' x 3.5', mixed

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