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Justin Rabideau

I am interested in physical interactions. Something as simple as a nail holding a piece of wood to a wall excites me. My curiosity lies in the physical interaction between the wood and the metal. The two materials create a bond in which one does not exist without the other. The board would not exist on the wall without the nail, and the nail's purpose would not be fulfilled without the action of holding the wood to the wall. I find great satisfaction in this simple interaction. In my recent sculpture, I have explored this idea of combining wood and metal. By creating purely sculptural interactions, I have been able to develop ideas that deal with tension, weight, and confinement, while making the viewer question whether the wood is being hampered or helped.

This concept has also been developed through a strong interest in "primitive art". I find considerable inspiration from African Art, such as African Fetish Sculptures. Although I am drawn to these sculptures, my interest is in the aesthetic aspect of art, not in the realm of conception.

I feel that I work formally, dealing directly with the wood and metal, focusing on the interactions that I create, and then responding to them. The carving, metal work, and finishes that I apply direct the sculptures, and influence my views on them. I have a strong connection to these sculptures. The content of these pieces focuses on my observations of the world around me. My interaction with people and materials was the focus in this body of work.

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139. Succor Through Severance, 2001, 32" x 15" x 7", wood/steel
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View the art 140. Kondi, 2001, 32" x 32" x 32", wood/steel
141. Pan, 2001, 27" x 12" x 6", wood/steel
View the art 142. Can't Stop, 2000, 44" x 32" x 8", steel/plaster
View the art 143. Sisyphus, 2000, 5'6" x 4' x 2', steel (mixed)
View the art 144. This May Hurt But It Will Help, 2002, 6'3" x 6' x 1'4", wood/steel
View the art 145. Stress Produced by Forces Pulling Apart, 2001, 7' x 7' x 3'8", wood/steel
146. Interalia (outside), 2001, 12' x 4' x 4', wood/steel
View the art 147. Aegis (outside), 2002, 9' x 4' x 3', wood/steel
148. Base Chapel, 2001, 34.5" x 26", relief
149. Devil's Den Dam, 2001, 26" x 34.5", relief
150. Bridge Street, 2001, 34.5" x 26", relief
151. Devil's Den Bridge, 2001, 26" x 34.5", relief
152. Rundown Tavern, 2002, 34.5" x 26", relief
153. Monuments, 2000, 16" x 20", relief

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