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Janelle Tavormina

Inspiration runs from my heart through to my hands, where it awaits my command to manifest the impetus to create. As it wells within me, I grasp what it is that I know has taken many observations and longings to convict me. Writing this, the word becomes evidence for my thoughts stable words on paper. My art is a creation of evidence testifying to my search for understanding. The religion of my childhood was the seed that has grown into an open search for personal meaning and understanding. The lines used to describe the ordinary of daily life blur; my journey and my spirit take me into myself and into an expansive realm. The art I make is evidence from this other place where the barriers between the inner and the outer worlds disintegrate. I want my viewer to travel into the art and in turn look into him or herself and examine who they are in relation to this world.

The unnameable, god, the universe, the inner longing that humans have pondered forever is the same unnameable that I am creating evidence for. It is textured, it is ritualistic, it is mysterium tremendum et fascinans (mystery that causes trembling and fascination).

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166.Fragments, Monotype, (detail)
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163. Communion, 2001, 3@ 35.75" x 27.625", monotype
View the art 164. Hope Core I, 2001, 30.75" x 16.875", monoprint
165. Hope Core II, 2001, 30.75 x 16.875", monoprint
View the art 166. Fragments, 2002, 2@ 3'9" x 5'2" x 2'10", monotype
View the art 167. Ritual Cloth, 2002, sculpture, teabags
     ritual cloth: 8' x 2.5', open ritual box: 6.5" x 33" x 22"
View the art 168. Troughs, 2002, 3@ 10" x 4' x 6", steel/ash
169. Density of Souls, 2001, 3'5" x 7" x 4", steel/teabags
170. Willow, 2001, 10" x 6.5" x 1'1", steel/willow
171. Lightness I, 2002, 35.75" x 27.625", monotype
172. Lightness II, 2002, 35.75" x 27.625", monotype

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