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John Wayne Johnston

There are some that feel that photography is the "bastard child" of science and technology left on the art world's doorstep. In today's world, there are some artists and professors who agree with this statement; thus, the only truth they hold lies in their own ignorance. Photography is an art form; it is a commercial process and a hobby for many as well. For few, photography is a profession. It is a constantly developing field of ever-changing research and information in today's modern world. Perhaps it is one of the few art forms in which an artist can sustain himself with commercial aspects while continuing to develop and hone his/her craft and discover previously uncharted territories within the field of photography. For me, photography is the constant in my life by which I gauge all other pursuits. It is a full-time part of who I am, a way of life, and it completes me as a person by outlining my character and adding definition to my individuality. Whether I am on a commercial assignment, teaching, lecturing, researching, inventing or producing my own personal work, photography is an extension of who I am as a person and an artist.
We are right, he said, and the others are wrong. To speak of these things and to try to understand their nature and, having understood it, to try slowly and humbly and constantly to express, to press out again, from the gross earth or what it brings forth, from sound and shape and colour which are the prison gates of our soul, an image of the beauty we have come to understand -- that is art.

--James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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68. Heather 1, 2002, 24" x 29", fiberbase gelatin silver print
Click image for larger version.

View the art 69. Starr, 2002, 28" x 28", fiberbase gelatin silver print
View the art 70. Alice, 2001, 20" x 24", fiberbase gelatin silver print
View the art 71. Lighthouse Stairwell, 1998, 11" x 14", fiberbase gelatin silver print
72. Chair, 2001, 11" x 14", RC-photograph
View the art 73. Emory #1, 2002, 11" x 14", emulsion transfer
View the art 74. Emory #2, 2002, 11" x 14", emulsion transfer on glass
View the art 75. Male Torso, 2002, 8" x 10", image half transfer
76. Two Girls, 2002, 8" x 10", image half transfer
View the art 77. Portland Head Light, 1996, 42" x 52", color photograph
78. Point Au Rouche, 1996, 11" x 14", RC-photograph

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