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Kathleen O'Connell

Art-making is an essential part of me - passionate and honest. Sometimes art burdens me, and at other times the delight is so intense that I am certain I disconnect from the earth. This ebb and flow is closely linked to the battle between analytical thought and spiritual energy. Because of my formal interests in texture, tactility and depth I have chosen to work with coffee, sand, cement, paste and hair. For the same reason I layer surface material or color, etch deeply into my plates, and use appropriate found objects. I am interested in the interaction between surface and material, specifically a combination of surface and material, which enriches the imagery. Conceptually, my art touches upon issues of circumstance, memory, strength and poetry: in a dream, the table turns into a room; I understand mumbling to be prophecy; the ends of the earth are encircling the ferry I work on. In a memory, I inhale the night air with the stars; I walk at night through the narrow streets of Florence; I feel lush grass filtering through my toes. There is no real time. There is no real space. There is no barrier between imagination and reality.

Printmaking, drawing and sculpture must coexist in my art. From one medium to the other there is no difference in concepts or vocabulary. I use the book form because it is an ideal vehicle, and the form suits my need for flexibility, physicality and experimentation. Because the book is a familiar object, I believe that it is easier for the viewer to approach and understand it than when it is put into a more recurring artistic context. In a sense I am a book with my skin acting as covers, my mind and spirit as pages.

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128. Visions: Doors and Books, I, 2001, 39" x 27.5", charcoal/pastel/acrylic/paste on paper
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View the art 127. Struggle (House), 2001, 19.5" x 12" x 12", steel/asphalt/paper/thread/coffee
View the art 129. Visions: Doors and Books, II, 2001, 27.5" x 39", charcoal/pastel/acrylic/hair/paste on paper
View the art 130. Under the Surface (Self Examination), 2001, 12" x 19" x 1.5", paste/tempera/acrylic resin/coffee on book
View the art 131. Vessels/Circumstances, 2001, 66" x 126" x 12", acrylic/paste/ink/charcoal/graphite/sand/clay/wood
132. (A) Surviving the Locals (Via Palazzoulo), 2001, 4.125" x 1.75" x .375", guache on paper
      (B) Small Victories (Tutti i Giorni), 4.125" x 1.74" x .375" guache on paper
      (C) Circumstance and Memory (L'undici Settembre), 4.125" x 1.75" x .75" guache on paper
133. Falling Into Place, 2002, 14.75" x 11.375" x .875", book: etching/aquatint/relief
134. Mending and Amending (The Piling), 2002, 117" x 76" x 69", wood/rope/paint
View the art 135. Standing Chair (Sleepy Seaport Blue), 2002, 74" x 18" x 12", wood/rope/paint
View the art 136. Track and Ladder (Color From a Dream), 2002, 85" x 22" x 6", wood/steel/paint
View the art 137. Disassembled: The Passage of Time (Aging), 2002, 65" x 36.5", guache on paper
View the art 138. Contemplation: Water, Light, Space (On The Lake), 2002, 58" x 144", acrylic/relief print on paper

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