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Lee Nesbitt

When I am working on an image on the computer I like to create images that will create an emotion in the viewer. Sometimes I will give the audience what they want while other times giving my viewer a more risque image. I have no clear mindset about my designs; it all depends on what I am feeling at the time the designs are being created.

The programs that I currently use and have found most useful in creating my designs are Illustrator and Photoshop. When I create images in Illustrator I go for simple, clean and easily recognizable - if seen again. I usually create an image with many elements that make it hard to read and then I slowly pick away at it leaving only what is necessary because I feel less is more. If I can get my message across with less information, it is only going to connect the viewer with my design that much more. When I work in Photoshop my designs are made of many pre-existing images that I will crop and change to create my design.

It's only after two years and countless design classes do I feel a connection to my design. Before this year, I felt disappointed in my work because I was unable to get the programs to create the images that were active inside my mind. What a viewer sees today in my work is what I feel best represents me as a person and an inspiring designer.

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125. In Remembrance, 2002, 16" x 20", digital image, Photoshop
Click image for larger version.

120. Kurt CD Design, 2002, 16" x 20", digital image, Photoshop
121. Hades Business Card, 2002, 16" x 20", digital image, Adobe Illustrator
122. Hades Habanero Logos, 2002, 16" x 20", digital image, Adobe Illustrator
123. Kurt, 2002, 16" x 20", digital image, Photoshop
124. Book Cover, 2001, 16" x 20", digital image, Photoshop
126. Asian Art, 2002, 16" x 20", digital image, Adobe Illustrator

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