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Patrick Myers

Painting appeals to me because it can be so bold and direct. It has the same freedom that drawing provides but also allows for greater flexibility. It can be a fun physical release while simultaneously being quite serious. I enjoy the problem-solving aspect. I am prone to painting something intentionally "wrong" just so I can correct it and adjust it later. This results in some of my most satisfying work.

I have always kept my subject matter open to whatever catches my interest but figure has become a permanent fixture. By painting people, I think I open my work up to a wider audience. The human form is direct and instantly understood. My work is very blunt in that regard. At the same time, I want my painting to have a clear understanding of formal visual principles tying it together.

Music probably has the greatest impact on the attitude of my paintings. I have told several people that I paint because I'm incapable of playing a musical instrument. Rhythm is essential to life, music and good painting. In the studio, if I allow myself to get absorbed into an album it frees my mind to where I am no longer actively thinking about what I'm doing. It allows me to fall into what musicians call a "groove". All my formal art knowledge becomes passive and I am freely and aggressively responding to the canvas without hesitation. When I can find the groove, I am at the top of my game.

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110. Scientific American, 2001, 48" x 30", acrylic on 2 canvases
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View the art 111. Barcelona Bocce, 2001, 61" x 37", acrylic on canvas
View the art 112. Apparent Transparency, 2001, 20" x 32", acrylic/pumice gel on 2 canvases
View the art 113. La Rambla, 2001, 20" x 18", acrylic/cardboard on masonite
114. Street Festival, 2001, 12" x 24", acrylic/pumice gel on masonite
View the art 115. Electric Sam, 2002, 25" x 37", acrylic on canvas
View the art 116. Don't Let Money Change You, 2002, 30" x 40", acrylic on canvas
View the art 117. Mentality, 2002, 36" x 20", acrylic/pumice gel on canvas
View the art 118. Suspicion, 2002, 36" x 48", acrylic/pumice gel on canvas
View the art 119. Dime and a Nickel, 2002, 73" x 50", acrylic on canvas

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