Megan Abrahamsen
Beth Barnes
Ryan Cohen
Melanie Finlayson
Michael Gallagher
Heather Gordon
Scott Heydrick
James Juron
Tina LaMour
Robert Lewis
JP Manke
Andrew McGill
Erica Mousseau
Sean Otto
Lisa Porto
James Ryan
Ann Schwed
Michael Shanley
Lindsey Shrier
Lauren Summerville
Erick Von Hoffmann
Andrew Watson
Elizabeth Wilde

at Plattsburgh State University
April 24 - May 16
Lobby & Burke Galleries of the Myers Fine Arts Building

Plattsburgh State Art Museum                                                                                    Introduction
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     The writer Lewis Hyde has said that the spirit of an artistís gifts can wake our own. The Senior Exhibition is a record of the internal and external awakening of a group of students who have learned collectively from their professors and from each other. I have had the pleasure of watching and participating in that process, seeing each student help to kindle an idea for another, talk through a particular problem in a critique, motivate and be motivated.
      This exhibition is a capstone experience marking the end of a particularly fertile moment in the careers of these artists. But this momentum will extend beyond this gallery and this institution. Specific technical skills honed here at Plattsburgh State will continue to develop. The ability to think critically will serve these students in many arenas, inside and outside of the studio. Prepared by this experience of expressing themselves so beautifully and readily, I expect these artists to join other communities with the same generosity of spirit with which they have been members of this art department.
      In a wide variety of images and media, these students have been constructing meaning and expression with their hands and minds, a fundamentally human enterprise. Their work is a source of pride and celebration, an opportunity to share what it is we do in the art department with the rest of the college and Plattsburgh community. We congratulate these students on what they have produced, knowing intimately the hard work and commitment necessary to bring them to this point.
      To these seniors I offer the words of James Baldwin, a truth I suspect they already know: The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.

Diane Fine, Chairperson, Art Department
      The Senior Exhibition shows the wide variety of mediums and styles which are taught at Plattsburgh State. More important, it exhibits the degree of accomplishment and individualism which students can attain at our University. The exhibition process is part of the learning experience of our seniors. With instruction from the Director and Museum Staff through the Museum Course, they learn to present their works properly and most effectively. They produce their own invitation and catalogue; assist in the presentation and installation of the exhibit in the gallery; speak about their works at the opening of the exhibition; and host a reception for their guests. Many art majors continue on to graduate study and careers in the professional art field. The Senior Exhibition displays the foundation of those developments. The exhibition also shows art used as a tool for the growth and maturation of individuals. Hopefully, the studentsí educational experience becomes a physical and spiritual context in helping them to lead creative and rewarding lives on a healthy planet.
      Each year the Senior Exhibition becomes an important punctuation in our studentsí careers. It usually focuses and concentrates their efforts into a clear and generous body of work, the aspirations of which have been developing over the years. The Plattsburgh State Art Museum takes great pride in being an integral part of our studentsí creative growth and enthusiastically supports this annual exhibition.
      It is a unique venture, which continues to be a learning experience for all.

Edward R. Brohel, Director Plattsburgh State Art Museum
      Plattsburgh State University of New York prepares a diverse student population for a wide range of professional careers by providing undergraduates with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, graduate students with advanced professional preparation, and all students with a commitment to academic excellence, ethical values, lifelong learning, and responsible citizenship within a global community. The university takes advantage of the natural surroundings, Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, in selected academic programs and courses, in recreational activities, and in community involvement and services.
      The Art Department awards two art studio degrees: the B.F.A. and B.A. The B.F.A. is an intensive professional degree that prepares students for art careers or graduate study in either Fine Arts or Graphic Design. The B.A. degree permits students to combine in-depth study in studio art with either broader liberal studies, a second major, or a minor. Every art major elects at least one studio area of concentration with a focus on building a mature level of creative expression.

Art Department Faculty: Karen Blough, Dennis Costanzo, Diane Fine, Sue Lezon, Berry Matthews, Rick Mikkelson, Don Osborn, David Powell, Peter Russom, Norman Taber

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      The Plattsburgh State Art Museum is comprised of over 4,450 works of art and artifacts in several permanent collections ranging from antiquities to contemporary art. The collections are displayed within our main galleries, a developing sculpture park and exhibition areas throughout campus in our Museum Without Walls Program.

Art Museum Staff:
Edward Brohel, David Driver, Marguerite Eisinger, Marge Coughlin, Marylou Beauharnois, Cecilia Esposito

Plattsburgh State Art Museum
      The members of the 2004 Senior Exhibition gratefully acknowledge the following organizations and individuals for their support of our exhibition:
George and Nina Winkel Endowment
Plattsburgh College Foundation
Plattsburgh State Student Association
Office of the President
College Auxiliary Services
Plattsburgh State Art Department
Friends of Art
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Abrahamsen in honor of Megan Abrahamsen
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. John Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Booth
Mrs. Marian Bouton in honor of Heather Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brandell
Dr. Nancy Church in memory of Marion P. Suway
Ms. Carol Ciccarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cohen in honor of Ryan Cohen
Ms. Cecilia Esposito
Ms. Rhonda Finlayson in honor of Melanie Finlayson
Mr. David Finlayson in honor of Melanie Finlayson

The class would also like to acknowledge the following persons for their knowledge and assistance in this learning experience: Edward Brohel, Cecilia Esposito, Karen Blough, John Wayne Johnston, Lorraine DeLaney, Carolee Smith and Jacqueline Stoneberger

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Mrs. Lucienne Glaubinger in honor of Tina LaMour
Mrs. Sharon Gordon in honor of Heather Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. James Juron in honor of James Juron
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Manke in honor of JP Manke
Dr. & Mrs. David McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGaulley
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGill
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nolan in honor of Heather Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Page in honor of Beth Barnes
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Ryan in honor of James Ryan
Ms. Leona Seaver
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Senkowski
Ms. Doris Smith
Mr. & Mrs. William Smith
Mrs. Jacqueline Stoneberger
Dr. & Mrs. John Tanner
Ms. Irma VanGuilder in honor of Scott Heydrick II
Mr. & Mrs. Wolf Wilde in honor of Elizabeth Wilde
New York State United Teachers in honor of James Juron

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