Senior Exhibition 2004 Andrew McGill
      My art stems from looking closely at things and being aware of my interaction with them. I am intrigued by cause and effect. Physical interaction is how I learn. I choose clay because of its variety of physically stimulating qualities: smells, sounds, textures, etc. I enjoy being able to rip, pull, squeeze, push, and really test the limits of the clay. Each physical quality evokes a response and it is paying attention to that response that triggers part of my creative process. I respond to sculpture in the same way. Just like clay, I learn different things from the materials I am using. My response to the qualities of those materials is my art.
      The ideas I apply to my work are applied in a cut and paste manner. They come as I am working and influence one another as I think about them. Sometimes it is a response to a texture or an emotion that forms an idea. In some instances, it is a memory that surfaces from the suggestiveness of a form. I like uncertainty, and in a way it drives me to create, sometimes without direction. The interaction that others have with my work influences my ideas as well. I am an impatient person and it settles me to know that others are receiving an immediate response as a result of their interaction with my work. This inviting quality adds a personal element to the work and allows for new elements of cause and effect. I find the distortion of objects that are familiar to be very amusing. To enlarge something or make it look out of the ordinary evokes a question or an out of the ordinary response. I am sometimes left with questions about my pieces and those are the ones that make me want to create more.

Image, Earth Cycle, 12 x 24, clay (earthenware)
Earth Cycle, 12" x 24", clay (earthenware)
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95Click ThumbnailEarth Cycle24 x 15 smoke-fired stoneware
96Click ThumbnailJustaposition54 x 75 x 47stoneware
97Click ThumbnailHoney Pot5 x 5 x 5stoneware
98Click ThumbnailMorning Perk11 x 17 x 16stoneware and enamel paint
99Click ThumbnailBecome15 x 30x 6smoke-fired earthenware
100Click ThumbnailUntitled14 x 29 x 62 white slip
101Click ThumbnailKeep No Secrets27 x 11 x 9porcelain and earthenware
102Pitchers10 x 12 x 6earthenware
103Click ThumbnailAdolescence4 x 33 x 18mixed media
104Vehicle14 x 49 x 24 cement and wood
218Click ThumbnailVehicle with Blinker8 x 28 x 12cement, stoneware
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