Senior Exhibition 2004 Andrew Watson
      I intend to make art that primarily reflects itself. It is an internal world of abstract, sometimes semi-abstract elements. The feeling within my work can be beautiful, horrific, contemplative, or irrational. All of these elements may be present at once or perhaps not at all and, like any novel experience, many combinations may emerge. The energy involved in making each piece is preserved and available to the viewer.

      If art is true to itself, it cannot lie about the world around it. In this way, my art speaks about the things with which it coexists. There is a sense of the everyday triumphs and tragedies that occur constantly in the human experience, whether or not anyone is there to record them.

      My work and I share a symbiotic relationship. We are growing together, each gaining strength from the other. Sometimes I speak for it and sometimes it for me, but more and more, we are communicating independently.

Image, Circle with Squares, 12, oil on vinyl
Circle with Squares, 12", oil on vinyl
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187Click ThumbnailJakob22” x 28”oil on canvas
188Click ThumbnailDiastema36” x 30”oil on canvas
189Click ThumbnailRed (White and Blue) Tape16” x 20”collage and oil
190Click ThumbnailTrap Doors16” x 20”oil on mounted canvas
191Click ThumbnailUntitled16” x 12”oil on mounted canvas
192Click Thumbnail“Gilt”16” x 20”oil, bronze powder on mounted canvas
193Click ThumbnailMissing Link12” x 16”oil on mounted canvas
194Click ThumbnailStupid and Contagious16” x 20”oil on mounted canvas
195Click ThumbnailTomorrow19” x 17”oil on vinyl
196Click ThumbnailCircle With Squares19” x 17”oil on vinyl
197Click ThumbnailWhat You Ignore Is Priceless To Me19” x 17”oil on vinyl
198Click ThumbnailUntitled36” x 48”oil on canvas
199Click Thumbnail“Cityscape: NVCBTBSCI”8 ½” x 15”two-plate intaglio print
200Click Thumbnail“Three”26” x 36”monoprint
201Click ThumbnailUntitled36” x 26”monoprint
202Click ThumbnailThis Is Necessary6 ½” x 7” x 1”Artist book/ collage
203Click ThumbnailBlack & Blue and Bronze20” x 26”monoprint
204Click ThumbnailUntitled25” x 19”monoprint
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