Senior Exhibition 2004 Erick Von Hoffmann
      Inspiration comes from the limitless horizons that art is. In my work, I have tried to stay focused on a few of the aspects that I find important, while continually editing and filtering new ideas and thoughts that appear and reappear every single day. Most important for me is the content, mood, and environment that my paintings and drawings take on.

      For the last three years, I have been doing figural painting and drawing with a solitary figure as my primary subject. The expression of the figure and the relationship that the figure has with its environment are what intrigues me in my work. I often paint and draw the figure in the landscape because the interaction of the two can be so interesting in contrast or in conjunction with this type of environment. The suggestion of things and not the specific is what I continually strive for in my work. Subtlety is the final aspect that I value in my work.

Image, Untitled, 24 x 32, oil
Untitled, 24" x 32", oil
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175The Defense16 x 20oil on canvas
176Click ThumbnailUntitled16x 20oil on canvas
177Click ThumbnailUntitled33 x 20charcoal, conte
178Click ThumbnailEvery Time27 x 22oil on canvas
179God Called In Sick Today32 x 24oil on canvas
180Click ThumbnailUntitled32x 24oil on canvas
181Click ThumbnailUntitled28 x 36oil on canvas
182Click ThumbnailEvery Single Day48x 36oil on canvas
183Click ThumbnailA New Age of Reason48 x 36oil on canvas
184Click ThumbnailDarkest Hour28 x 20charcoal
185Click ThumbnailUntitled24 x 18oil on canvas
186Click ThumbnailNo Substance28 x 20charcoal
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