Senior Exhibition 2004 Erica Mousseau
      People tend to ask artists why they make the art they do, or what they were feeling at the time. I have a hard time with this question because, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really intend to say anything with my work. However, the flower pieces are very much like me. I look at my steel flowers and I see a tough exterior of strong metal, but in the same glance, I also see a soft flower. I feel that I possess both of those traits. I believe that I am a woman who is overly strong and aggressive, but really I am also as feminine as a flower.
      When I start a piece, I don’t draw what I intend the piece to look like. I don’t map out what course of action I am going to take with my piece. In fact, I don’t even know when my piece will be done until I feel that it is ready. I guess I let the metal decide for me. I never argue with the steel if it wants to bend a certain direction when I intended it to go the other way. The process of making a piece is as much of an art-form as the finished product.
      I prefer thin, 20-gauge steel. I like using this gauge because it is easier to manipulate and bend. I love the feeling of taking something as strong and as solid as steel and bending it into an organic shape, like a flower. I spray paint the steel before cutting into it, causing a wonderful burnt edge on the metal, and a horrible smell in the back room! I don’t know why I decided on welding as my concentration, I am just very glad that I did. I cannot imagine having a better mentor than Don Osborn. He has a great talent for listening to a person’s ideas and giving advice that turns that small idea into a great piece. I love the relaxed feeling I get when I am welding. Yes, I realize that sounds odd! I also love the excitement I get when I finish a piece that I really enjoy.

Image, Twisted Tree, 24 x 32, steel
Twisted Tree, 24" x 32", steel
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105Twisted Tree42” x 36” x 36”steel
106Click ThumbnailUntitled54” x 29” x 3 ½”steel
107Click ThumbnailTraitre Delicate72” x 72” x 72”steel
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