Senior Exhibition 2004 Elizabeth Wilde

      My paintings are derived from the overwhelming beauty in nature that surrounds our daily lives. I am intrigued and challenged by the fact that landscape imagery identifies with a broad audience. The rightness of nature offers a sound starting point for my paintings; upon completion, these images mature into a curious abstraction. Exaggeration, reduction, and evocative color are the primary components in my work. In addition, I explore the physicality of paint in relation to mark making to create a body of work that is stimulating to eye and mind.

      The locations I seek and create are purposely free of manufactured structures and human figures. Such places diminish my defenses and encourage my own spirituality. My paintings provide retreat, response and reflection that is both intensely personal and universally true.

Image, UV Paintscape, 14.5 x 13, oil
UV Paintscape, 14.5" x 13", oil
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205Click ThumbnailCleanse42 x 90oil on canvas
206Click ThumbnailInvitation42 x 90oil on canvas
207Click ThumbnailLand in Tubac36 x 48oil on canvas
208Click ThumbnailClosing24 x 36oil on canvas
209Click ThumbnailDusk I14 x 18 5/8oil on canvas
210Click ThumbnailDawn14 x 18 oil on canvas
211Click ThumbnailDusk II14 x 18 oil on canvas
212Click ThumbnailRenewal13 x 14 5/8oil on canvas
213Click ThumbnailUV Paintscape12 7/8 x 14 oil on canvas
214Silence14 7/8 x 14 oil on canvas
215Click ThumbnailWithin11 x 14 oil on canvas
216Click ThumbnailPrivacy10 x 10 1/8oil on canvas
217Click ThumbnailEscape10 x 10 5/8oil on canvas
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