Senior Exhibition 2004 James Ryan
      The strongest feelings I have about my work are linked to its reality and its sense of urgency. Developing ideas through form and process provides a constant challenge to me as an artist. Coming from a background in carpentry, along with large scale construction, I have learned some of the most essential principles of building objects. When dealing with weight, mass, tension and assembly, there are many basic, but very related elements that must always be considered.

      Starting as a young man, I learned the concepts of measurement, connection, fabrication, and ultimately, the ability to recognize resolve. It was at that young age that I began to understand how to enable both aesthetics and function to work together, allowing them to become a part of the visual conclusion. Now, through manipulation of materials and process, I am able to make conscious decisions about how those changes will affect the end product. The structure of my process explores the nature of my chosen materials and the level of my personal response to their inherent characteristics. The strength of connections, such as that of threads on a bolt, or a weld fastening two pieces of steel together, plays a very important role in the construction of my art. My goal is to bring that particular aesthetic out in a sculpture with the ever important functional element stated and uncompromised. There must be a convincing link between the existence of a piece of art and its visual concept.

Image, I'll Tell You Yesterday, 40 x 64, steam print
I'll Tell You Yesterday, 40" x 64", steam print
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131Click ThumbnailObedient Hand (Masquerade Series)24” x 56” x 32”steel
132Click ThumbnailWhich Edge Would You Like To Walk20” x 50” x 36”steel
133Burning The Bridge That Connects Time12’6” x 5’8” x 7’steel
134Click ThumbnailMoses32” x 7’5” x 18”steel
135Click ThumbnailHand Over Hand Climbing Up A Rope On Fire5’6” x 42” x 11”steel
136Click ThumbnailBlanket Of Blind Faith6’ x 12’2” x variable (10’-15’)steel
137Moving Through10’ x 10’ approx.steel
(1st floor, outside Yokum)
138Falling Together3’10” x 8’8” x 4’steel
(2nd floor, outside Myers)
139Why Walk Softly?10’6” x 12’6” x 12’steel
(located by CV Hall)
140Click ThumbnailLila Told Me Not To Worry7’x 10’ x 40”steam print
141Click ThumbnailIt All Falls Apart9’x 40”steam print
142Click ThumbnailI’ll Tell You Yesterday5’4” x 44”steam print
143Click ThumbnailConversations of Reminder72” x 44”steam print
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