Senior Exhibition 2004 Lauren Summerville
      The art of ceramics utilizes the whole body in creating a piece. The physical aspect of ceramics is what draws me to the material and is something I try to use in my work. In two of my pieces, I used the technique of molding and casting. This process involves the creation of a prototype that is then cast using plaster. I enjoy working using a cast object for the reason that it allows for uniformity in creating multiples. The ability to take an object and create duplicates of that form gives the option of amending the shape to create something new, yet retaining the same aesthetic qualities.

      Kandinsky, a 20th-century Modernist painter, influenced the surface treatment of my work in 3-Dimensional Composition. I am intrigued with geometric, simple shapes that incorporate various colors. I use velvet underglazes to create the bold, solid appearance that I aim for in my pieces. In other works, I have experimented with connecting ceramics and printmaking. Using both the etchings and linoleum relief of printmaking with the solid three-dimensional qualities of ceramics creates a strong combination of both two- and three-dimensional qualities. I also use a firing technique that involves creating a separate environment within the kiln. When fired, the object will acquire a salmon colored surface, a result of the reaction between the clay and the sodium within a contained environment. Using these processes, I have further developed my ideas using different surface treatments and creating new forms through the manipulation of multiples.
Image, 3-Dimensional Composition, 11 x 16, ceramic
3-Dimensional Composition, 11" x 16", ceramic
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170Click ThumbnailFragments of a Self-Portrait (Book) 12 x 9 eachzinc etchings
(Series of three prints)
171Click ThumbnailUntitled (triptych)16 x 20linoleum prints
172Click ThumbnailUntitled9 x 48 x 36ceramic and prints
173Click ThumbnailChance28 x 28 x 6ceramic
174Click ThumbnailUntitled (wall piece)9 x 8 x 3 , 13 x 11 x 3 ceramic
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