Senior Exhibition 2004 Lisa Porto

      In the past, the thought of preparing my painting surfaces disturbed me and frustration would grow with each mistake. It has only been in recent days that building painting surfaces has become a process that induces a somewhat meditative and mechanical trance, allowing my mind to envision what image may appear on the fresh surface. This change in thought towards process is consistent in the transformation of my work where process has become an integral structural and visual element in my finished pieces. I am captivated by a history that can be seen in a piece, presenting an archeology for the viewer to determine. This desire has manifested itself in a discovery of the ideal medium for my work. The encaustic wax process introduces an entire realm of possibilities, nonexistent in any other media.

      I create works where surface manipulation is evident and content is obscured. Though there are many layers in my work, I consider there to be three sections of significance. Starting with the middle segment, a veil of transparent color acts as a screen to what exists below it and to what lies on top of it. Above these veils, an exploration of physicality is illustrated and my mark making is printed into the wax, trapping a high energy moment on the surface of the piece. The wax thickens and the layers take on a sculptural effect, presenting to the viewer a bold statement of weight and density. Below the veils, feelings of mystery and secrecy are repressed, but evident as they seep through the openings of the screen. Here the viewer is challenged to look deeper, resulting in either further comprehension or additional detachment. Here lies the spirituality - an existence much beyond the physical.

      Creating is vital to my being. Art making offers me a therapy where I can explore others, the world, and myself. It presents a way to communicate to others my beliefs and to share with them my definitions of beauty.

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115Click ThumbnailSay Something36 x 24encaustic on panel
116Click ThumbnailSay Nothing36 x 24encaustic on panel
117Click ThumbnailElizabeth60 x 42encaustic on panel
118Click ThumbnailQuest48 x 36encaustic on panel
119Click ThumbnailPersevere48 x 36encaustic on panel
120Click ThumbnailNude on Red48 x 36encaustic on panel
121Click ThumbnailSeclusion60 x 42encaustic on panel
122Click ThumbnailOblivion I24 x 16encaustic on panel
123Click ThumbnailOblivion II24 x 16encaustic on panel
124Click ThumbnailOblivion III24 x 16encaustic on panel
125Click ThumbnailChristine I23 x 18 charcoal
126Click ThumbnailChristine II24 x 19 charcoal
127Click ThumbnailChristine III24 x 19 charcoal
128Click ThumbnailGlimpse I10 x 7charcoal and wax
129Click ThumbnailGlimpse II10 x 7charcoal and wax
130Click ThumbnailGlimpse III10 x 7charcoal and wax
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