Senior Exhibition 2004 Melanie Finlayson
      I utilize my hands to generate the images and concepts that I envision in my mind. My prints and sculptures are frequently composed of organic matter, stemming from my love for the outdoors. Cool forests, swampy bogs, ocean waves, snowy mountaintops–these natural surroundings are more than inspirational to me; they compel me as an artist always to be aware of my environment. I strive to create an active communication between nature, the viewer and myself, the artist.

      I carefully select my materials. The direct relationships I have with these materials physically and emotionally fuel my process. After moving across the street from a cornfield just over a year ago, at a very impressionable time in my artistic life, my extensive work with corn, represented in this show, began.

      This body of work is an in-depth exploration seen through the corn’s growth and decay. Corn has been a symbolic and defining tool in my journey. I developed various techniques to utilize corn as a matrix in printmaking and as a material in sculpture. While studying the processes of planting and harvesting this past year, I can sympathize with the corn’s short but very crucial life. This common food staple is also a living, sturdy and stunning plant which has done more than nourish my body. It has helped me cross lines in both printmaking and sculpture, all the while feeding my mind with a new perspective on life, love and art.

Image, Iron Corn, 24 x 24, cast iron
Iron Corn, 24" x 24", cast iron
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25Click ThumbnailHarvest8’ x 17’ x 8’monotype on fabric, mixed media
26Click ThumbnailDust to Dust I43” x 30”monotype
27Click ThumbnailDust to Dust II43” x 30”monotype
28Click ThumbnailDust to Dust III43” x 30”monotype
29Click ThumbnailChange11” x 65”Artist book/mixed media prints
30Click ThumbnailUntitled8’ x 8’ x 6”plaster, fencing, monotype print on fabric
31Click ThumbnailPile1 ˝” x 1 ˝” x 1 ˝”iron, bronze, aluminum
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