Senior Exhibition 2004 Michael Shanley
      My sculptures and prints are based on thoughts and events that have had a strong impact on my life. Through serious contemplation of my life's thoughts and events, I find myself aimed at expressing an associated feeling. Every piece I create has an underlying emotion. I rely upon these emotions in the creating process and it is my hope that the completed piece will convey the same sense of emotion.

      My process in working with a piece starts with certain emotions which are consuming me at the present time. For example, if I have been frustrated or stressed, I might take aggression out on a piece by contorting and tearing the material that I'm using, or if I'm feeling content, I usually have a gentle and meticulous reaction to a material, whether it be steel, fiberglass, paper, etc.

      I try to avoid the notion of a completed work or drawing schematics for a piece. In the absence of these notions, I feel that my response to certain elements and possibilities at hand may be realized and my work may continue to evolve.

Image, Cruddy, 36 x 15, steel
Cruddy, 36" x 15", steel
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151Click ThumbnailRecollection of Time20 x 27monoprint
152Click ThumbnailJess-up23 x 19monoprint
153Red23 x 17monoprint
154Click ThumbnailConfluence17 x 8monoprint
155Click ThumbnailAncestor16 x 11lithograph
156Click ThumbnailPassive Resistance20 x 26 x 21steel
157Click ThumbnailGrey Matter6 x 42 x 4steel, resin, wood
158Scream9x 3 x 4 steel and fiberglass
159Click ThumbnailLost Brush5 x 3 x 2 steel and fiberglass
160Click ThumbnailCruddy3x 1 x 1 steel
161Click ThumbnailUntitled7 x 42 x 42steel and concrete
162Click ThumbnailExtricate18 x 19 x 12steel and fiberglass
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