Senior Exhibition 2004 Scott Heydrick
      My art is straightforward and direct. There is no iconography and there are no loaded images and no contextual problems to be solved. I don’t try to draw attention through complex ideas or metaphors. I deal mainly with traditional, observation-based, figural subject matter. Process, mark making, and media each contribute greatly to the content of my work.
      The core process behind all of my work is drawing. Without drawing, I would be unable to produce the prints and sculptures that make up my body of work. Figure drawing allows me to gain a better understanding of the human form, which helps me to create a more accurate representation in my prints and three-dimensional work. In essence, charcoal, graphite, printing matrices, clay, and other various media that I choose to work with are all a means to the same end: an accurate representation of my subject matter. Being involved in so many processes at the same time allows me to have a large variety of marks to create different illusions. These marks vary from process to process. Therefore, prints are distinctly prints because their marks cannot be emulated in a drawing or sculpture, and vice versa. A great variety of marks not only keeps me interested in creating work, but also makes the work more interesting for the viewer.
      Currently, I am working on a body of work that is very concise and deals with the same subject matter. Each print, drawing, and sculpture is similar in content, yet differs in process. Although I work in a variety of media, the goal of my work remains the same.

Image, Janet, 22 x 30, charcoal
Janet, 22" x 30", charcoal
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41Click ThumbnailContemplating Stability15” x 11” x 10”bronze
42Click ThumbnailMetamorphosis17” x 20” x 12”bronze
43Click Thumbnail6 A.M.12” x 18”drypoint
44Winter 200424” x 18”graphite
45Click ThumbnailNick at Rest21” x 14”graphite
46Click ThumbnailAdrienne in Profile30” x 22”graphite
47Click ThumbnailJanet in Black29” x 20”mixed media
48Click ThumbnailSerenity24” x 18”charcoal
49Janet Series
Click Thumbnaila. Pondering5” x 8”drypoint
Click Thumbnailb. Vulnerable8” x 5”drypoint
Click Thumbnailc. Pensive8” x 5”drypoint
Click Thumbnaild. Thoughts of Jared8” x 5”drypoint
Click Thumbnaile. Somber8” x 5”drypoint
Click Thumbnailf. Mournful8” x 5”drypoint
Click Thumbnailg. Skewed5” x 8”drypoint
50Click ThumbnailConfidence Is Deceiving24” x 18”mixed media
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