Senior Exhibition 2004 Tina LaMour
      I have always been attracted to the somewhat obscure and mysterious meaning in art. I am drawn to the work of artists who make me think about their creative process as well as the work that they have produced. This is what I strive to do in my own work. I want the viewer to think about why it exists, not just that it does.
      The objects that I make are my translations of the common threads that we all share. The common thread may be emotion, loss, time, personal relationships or the environment. I choose to translate these ideas into sculptural objects and artist books because it is not only the visual expression that interests me, but the tactile one as well.
      When I recall a piece that I have made, I remember what it looked like and also how it felt. For this same reason, I am intrigued by the contrast between materials. It is interesting for me to see the cold, industrial qualities of steel combined with the warm, natural qualities of wood, or to work the surface of concrete so it is both smooth and rough to the touch. My aesthetic interests in both the formal and conceptual concerns of art lend themselves to simplifying ideas to line and shape combined with subtle color.
      It is not important to me that viewers understand what my specific intentions are with a piece, only that they can take something away from it. The viewer may relate to the conceptual or visual qualities of the work positively or negatively, but it is the dialogue that interests me.

Image, Frozen in Time, 36 x 17 x 6, wood, iron
Frozen in Time, 36" x 17" x 6", wood, iron
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66Click ThumbnailMy Sentinel76 x 2 x 1steel
67Click ThumbnailSuppression3 x 19 x 6steel, wood, plaster, bronze, aluminum, iron
68Click ThumbnailMonument to Change410 x 4 x 16steel
69Click ThumbnailMarker5 x 8 x 8salt blocks
70Click ThumbnailFrozen in Time36 x 17 x 6wood and iron
71Click ThumbnailUntitled46 x 12 x 12bronze and steel
72Click ThumbnailResolving Change I26 x 19 monotype, intaglio print
73Click ThumbnailResolving Change II26 x 19 monotype, intaglio print
74Click ThumbnailResolving Change III26 x 19 monotype, intaglio print
75Click ThumbnailCaptive Vision29 x 21 intaglio, plastic plate lithograph
76Click ThumbnailCaptive Thought29 x 21 intaglio, plastic plate lithograph
77Click ThumbnailCaptive Life29 x 21 intaglio, plastic plate lithograph
78Click ThumbnailDad10 x 8 x 66artist book - plastic plate lithograph
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