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April 16 - May 15         Burke Gallery & Myers Lobby Gallery

Anthony AllenMatt BlodgettJack BrandEleanor BrennesholtzVel CapewellIvy CareyGenessa Chamberlain
Daniel ChristieMeghan DresslerGustavo EspinalMotoko HiraiwaEstelle HubbardJeremy IaquintoChristina Kerr
Kari KippMichelle MentonSamantha OrtegaAlison ParisiAdam PlassKelli RabideauKevin SabourinShanna Sweeney
Stanley TrelaJaclyn WeldonKelly WhitfordTakara WilliamsAshley Wolff
Exhibition Logo, Plattsburgh 2005

Dennis Costanzo

For the Art Department and the college community, the Senior Art Exhibition is a culminating event of the academic year. For the students in the exhibition, it is the culmination of their years of study at Plattsburgh State. This year’s exhibition represents all areas of study offered by the department (painting and drawing, sculpture and ceramics, printmaking, photography, and graphic design), and includes students from both of the college’s studio art degree programs (B.A. and B.F.A).

The variety of technical skills presented in this show is the result of the students’ intensive studio training and accomplishment. The equally diverse subject matter, content, and meanings embodied in these works are a reflection of a group of young artists engaged in a broad and challenging liberal arts education. The consistently high quality of the works in the show should be a matter of great pride for the students themselves, as well as for the Art Department and the college community as a whole.

This exhibition is the result of a year of planning and preparation on the part of the students. This has included several stages of interaction and collaboration with each other, the faculty, and the Museum Director and staff. Ultimately, however, the exhibition belongs to the students, and they are to be fully congratulated for this impressive achievement.

Dennis Costanzo
Chair, Art Department

Art Department Faculty:
Karen Blough, Dennis Costanzo, Diane Fine, Andrew Goerlitz, Sue Lezon, Berry Matthews, Rick Mikkelson, W. David Powell, Peter Russom, Norman Taber

The Art Department awards two art studio derees: the B.F.A. and B.A. The B.F.A. is an intensive prefessional degree that prepares students for art careers or graduate study in either Fine Arts or Graphic Design. The B.A. degree permits students to combine in-depth study in studio art with either broader liberal studies, a second major, or a minor. Every art major elects at least one studio area of concentration with a focus on building a mature level of creative expression. Art Department Web Site

Art Musem Staff:
Edward Brohel, David Driver, Marguerite Eisinger, Marge Coughlin, Mary Lou Beauharnois, Cecilia Esposito
Edward R. Brohel

Had I the heavens’ embroidered in cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dream under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

William Butler Yeats
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

While exploring the possibilities of their own sensitivity and opening aspects of their persona, the Senior Exhibition shows the variety of mediums and styles which are taught at Plattsburgh State. More important, they exhibit the degree of accomplishment and individualism which students can attain at the University.

The exhibition process is part of the learning experience. With instruction from the Director and Museum Staff, they learn to present their works properly and most effectively. They produce their own invitation and catalogue, assist in the presentation and installation of the exhibit in the gallery, speak about their works at the opening of the exhibition, and host a reception for their guests.

Many art majors continue on to graduate studies and careers in the professional art field. The exhibition displays the foundation of those developments and also shows art used as a tool for the growth and maturation of individuals. Hopefully, the students’ educational experience becomes a physical and spiritual context in helping them to lead creative and rewarding lives on a healthy planet.

Each year, the Senior Exhibition becomes an important punctuation in our students’ careers. It usually focuses and concentrates their efforts into a clear and generous body of work, the aspirations of which have been developing over the years. The Plattsburgh State Art Museum takes great pride in being an integral part of our students’ creative growth and helping support the accomplishments achieved during their study with the Art Department.

It is a unique venture, which continues to be a learning experience for all. Congratulations and continued growth to our students.

Edward R. Brohel, Director
Plattsburgh State Art Museum
The members of the 2005 Senior Exhibition gratefully acknowledge the following organizations and indivduals for their support of our exhibition.
Plattsburgh College Foundation
Friends of Art
College Auxiliary Services
Student Association
President's Office
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Beauharnois
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Birchenough
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Blodgett
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Blodgett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fluehr
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Brennesholtz
Ms. Martha S. Brennesholtz
Ms. Maria Brito
Mrs. Jane Broschart
Mr. Daniel Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Christie
Ms. Angela Cordero
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dimock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Durdovic
Ms. Nancy Erickson
Mr. Guy Favicchio
Ms. Ruth Filkins
Mr. T. Foreback & Ms. R. Brennesholtz
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Goldenberg
Mr. Patrick J. Goodell
Ms. Sharon H. Gublo
Mr. and Mrs. David Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hawley
Ms. Penny L. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hey
Ms. Carol-Ann Hey
Fr. Scott Fobare
Dr. Joseph Iaquinto & Mrs. Julie Bartholomew
Ms. Theresa Kaczorowski
Mr. and Mrs. John Kaczorowski
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Konspore
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Loizeaux
Ms. Pam Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. John Marra
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Menton
Ms. Rebecca Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius O’Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Ortega
Ms. Connie Parisi
Rev. Mark Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. James Ressler
Ms. Patricia N. Ritter
Mr. Patrick Saxe
Mr. Mark Sedenquist & Ms. Megan Edwards
Rev. Bryan Stitt
Mr. and Mrs. John Suchy
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tooker
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Weldon
Mr. and Mrs. William Whitford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolff
Mrs. Annis Wolff
Mr. Kevin Wolford
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zmyewski, Sr.
Lead Catalogue Design: Jeremy Iaquinto

  • Anthony Allen
  • Jaclyn Weldon
  • Adam Plass
  • Shanna Sweeney
  • Kelli Whtiford
  • Estelle Hubbard
  • Daniel Christie
Proof Reading: Joel May
This Exhibition would not have been realized without the patience and assistance from the following persons: Edward Brohel, Mary Lou Beauhanois, Cecilia Esposito, David Driver, Marge Coughlin, Phil Gramling.

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