graphic element Jeremiah J. Cross
20 x 20

For me, photography is about showing the commonplace from a unique perspective. I feel photography has lost a little respect. Digital cameras have allowed people to document life instead of remembering it. I have experienced four different photography instructors with different views, which has allowed me to grow and develop a strong knowledge of and appreciation for photography. My favorite photographs are the ones that require long exposure times. I love the somewhat unpredictable results of experimenting with time.
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Treetops, Holga 120 30 x 24
46. Dirt, Holga 120 30 x 24
47. Mound, Holga 120 30 x 24
48. Into the Trees, Holga 120 30 x 24
127. Blue, 35mm long exposure 18 x 22
128. Modem, 35mm long exposure 18 x 22
129. Shade, 35mm long exposure 18 x 22
187. Bushes, Holga 120 21 x 16
188. Buildings, Holga 120 18 x 16
189. Curve, Holga 120 18 x 16
190. Light Spin, Holga 120 18 x 16
191. Odd Light, Holga 120 18 x 16
192. Pavement, Holga 120 18 x 16
193. Cold Street, Holga 120 18 x 16
194. Tipped Pole, Holga 120 18 x 16
195. Tracks, Holga 120 21 x 16
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