graphic element Christina A. Hasel
color photograph
12 x 18”

My photographs have evolved stylistically and politically since I began to work with color. They can be very “in your face”. The subject of my work is deteriorating buildings and walls. There is no question about what I want you to see. Most people would think of these locations as insignificant, but I want my audience to really experience the places I am drawn to photograph. I try to shoot them in such a way that there are no boundaries. I would like you to feel as though you could walk right into the image with no visual or physical barriers to hinder your journey.

My photographs tend to have their own personalities – as though they are individual portraits of present-day ruins. I want to invite you to these places and enable you to see the beauty that lies within.
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View Images:
Motel 2005, color photograph 12 x 18
61. Garage 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
62. Untitled 2005, color photograph 12 x 18
63. Eat 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
64. Untitled 2 2005, color photograph 12 x 18
65. Untitled 3 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
66. Untitled 4 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
67. Untitled 5 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
219. Carnival 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
220. Untitled 6 2006, color photograph 12 x 18
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