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Sarah Hamilton

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      There is something in photography that doesn’t exist in any other artistic medium. For me, photography provides an escape from the fast pace of life. When I look through a camera I truly begin to see the world. My goal is to inspire my audience to slow down and live in the moment, if only for a moment.
      Almost all of my work revolves around my family and the dairy farm where I grew up. That life has had a tremendous influence on how I see the world and has sculpted me into the person I am today.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” - T. S. Elliot

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Ma soeur, 2006 - photograph
Ma soeur, 2006 - photograph - 11” x 14”
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge10. Soft Focus Color #1 & #2
digital print
16 x 20
Burke Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge12. Memories of the Past #1 & #2
digital print
11 x 14
Burke Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge22. ma soeur / mon frère
digital print
16 x 20
Burke Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge136. Dreamland
digital print
16 x 20
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge137. Among the Clouds
digital print
16 x 20
Lobby Gallery

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