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Kristi Higgins

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      Photography fascinates me because it gives me the ability to literally stop time and capture a fragment of reality. Portraiture has consumed the majority of my photography because of its ability to take a piece of the person Iím photographing. The goal with portraiture is to capture a personal moment that will express the hidden aspects of a personís character. The best part about photography and art for me is that it is still as fun as the day I started, and Iíll continue to enjoy myself while doing my work for as long as I can.

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Summer, 2006 - photograph
Summer, 2006 - photograph - 13Ē x 19Ē
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge59. Out of the Dark
digital print
16 x 20
Burke Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge115. Poppa
digital print
16 x 20
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge116. Summer
digital print
16 x 20
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge127. Pink Chair
digital print
16 x 20
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge128. Leaving
digital print
16 x 20
Lobby Gallery

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