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Rachel Mousseau

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      The process of making art is the most enjoyable aspect of creation for me. Because “Art” has no specific definition in my mind, I will not define my artwork, but will define myself as an artist. I believe the form of an artist is inside each individual in its own unique way. My work is the result of development, therefore my outcome does not always represent my expression but it is the journey itself that allows my inner artist to emerge.
      Printmaking has become an interest for me because of its diverse process and the unlimited possibilities of the medium. Each step is just as important as the next and inevitably necessary for me to be content with their level of unity. I have always been enticed to render images, and to find the correct way of doing it in order to be successful at it. I have learned that there is no “correct” way to do anything in this sense. My art is what I want it to be.
     These last four years I have been exploring my own persona, the individuality I can bring to the world, and what I am capable of accomplishing. In looking back I realize that I have grown as a person and an artist due to this experience, which has taught me more than just aesthetic skills-it has also opened my mind to possibilities I may never have explored.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”
Salvador Dali

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Timepiece, 2006 - aquatint
Timepiece, 2006 - aquatint - 15.75” x 11.75”
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge43. Out of Time
intaglio print, etching
22 x 19
Burke Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge44. Wasted Time
intaglio print, etching
23 x 17
Burke Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge81. Secrets in Time
intaglio print, etching
26 x 21
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge82. Timepiece III
intaglio print, etching
22 x 25
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge83. Hands of Time
intaglio print, etching with chine collé
26 x 21
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge101. Timepiece
intaglio print, etching
16.5 x 12.75
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge102. Buried Time
lithograph, etching
15 x 20
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge103. Timepiece II
intaglio print, etching
13.75 x 10.75
Lobby Gallery
Thumbnail Image, Click to Enlarge104. Lost Time
18 x 14
Lobby Gallery

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