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The Senior Show exhibits the wide variety of media and styles which are taught at Plattsburgh State University. More importantly, it exhibits the degree of accomplishment which our students attain.

The exhibition itself is a learning process produced by the Seniors themselves under staff supervision and instruction. Presenting one’s self and one’s work to the public becomes part of the Plattsburgh experience.

Many art majors continue on to graduate study and careers in the professional art field. The Senior Show displays the foundation of those developments. The exhibition also shows art used as a tool for the growth and maturation of individuals. Hopefully, the students’ educational experience becomes a physical and spiritual tool, helping them to lead creative and rewarding lives on a healthy planet.

The visual arts is a discipline through which evolutions take place. The Art Museum takes great pride in being an integral part of our students’ creative maturation and enthusiastically supports this annual senior art exhibition.

Edward R. Brohel, Director
Plattsburgh State Art Museum

The Senior Art Exhibition, this capstone public presentation, is a source of celebration and pride for the art department and the college. We congratulate these students on what they have produced, knowing intimately the hard work and commitment necessary to bring them to this point.

Art making is about expression and communication, a conversation between artists and viewers. The work in this exhibition is a collective record of questioning, learning, and achievement. These paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, and sculptures are gifts created to be received, not hidden away in closets or drawers. Working in a variety of media, from semester to semester, the artists gained technical expertise and intellectual confidence. Their ability to think critically was fueled by the content of their studio, art history, and general education courses. Each voice is unique. No one style, idea, or philosophy is dominant. Yet the exhibition itself, as an entity, is a vision produced collaboratively by the artists themselves, their mentors, and the Art Museum staff.

These students and their creative work have begun to do what the poet Wendell Berry advised: Ask the questions that have no answers. Invest in the millennium. Plant Sequoias.

Diane Fine,
Chairperson Art Department

Museum Director:
Edward R. Brohel

Art Department Chair:
Diane Fine

Preparator /Collections Manager:
David Driver

Production /Catalogue Design:
Mary L. Beauharnois

Museum Secretary:
Shannon Forkey

Muriel LaFave

Web Design:
David Driver, Mary L. Beauharnois
The Museum staff would like to take this opportunity to thank its students— work study, temporary service and interns--for their hard work, not only for this exhibition but also for all the many tasks it takes to help maintain a proper museum. These people include: Natalie LaBarge, Samantha Bould, Maureen Donahue, Christian Mikkelson, Tom Gadway, Shane Connor, Jordon Boyea and Natalie Gaines.


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