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Exhibition Facilitators: Joseph Graff, Seamus Keane, Stephanie Smith, Danielle Weinheimer

Renee Bovenzi
Chrystal Bowman
Terrance Chambrone
Jesse Hasko
Travis Heynen
Heather Phillips
Starr Hough Povey
David Rubin
Margaret Strack
Carol Vann
Myloh Villaronga

The Senior Show . . . .
from the Director, Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Edward R. Brohel
. . . exhibits the wide variety of media and styles which are taught at Plattsburgh State University. More importantly, it exhibits the degree of accomplishment which our students attain.

The exhibition itself is a learning process produced by the Seniors themselves under staff supervisionand instruction. Presenting one's self and one's work to the public becomes part of the Plattsburgh experience.

Many art majors continue on to graduate study and careers in professional art field. The SeniorShow displays the foundation of those developments. The exhibtion also shows art used as a tool for the growth and maturation of individuals. Hopefully, the students' educational experience becomes a physical and spiritual tool, helping them to lead creative and rewarding lives on a healthy planet.

The visual arts is a discipline through which evolutions take place. The Art Museum takes great pride in being an integral part of our students' creative maturation and enthusiastically supports this annual senior art exhibition.

The exhibtion is presented by the students in ART 473, with direction from the Museum Director and Museum Staff. It is an unique venture which continues to be a learning experience for all.

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The Senior Art Exhibition . . . .
from the Chairperson, Plattsburgh State Art Department, Richard Mikkelson
. . . is a highlight of the academic year, not only for the art department, but also for the College. The exhibition offers the College and community a rich aesthetic experience.

It is the culmination of the these art majors' undergraduate studies, and the result of several months of work. Each student presented a portfolio of work to the art faculty in January of his/her junior year.

In September of the senior year, each student again presents their portfolio to the faculty for assessment. Subsequent to that reveiw, each student has spent the remainder of the senior year creating new work specifically for the exhibition. The process has required close work with a faculty sponsor/mentor, collaboration with other seniors and the Museum Director, and a commitment to critical self-assessment combined with long hours in the studio. While the process has summarized past learning, it also has provided an important foundation for future effort. For most of these seniors, that future will include graduate study or careers in the visual arts. The art department is proud of both the quality and the diversity of work created by these senior art Majors.

Those who visit this exhibition will find works with both aesthetic sensitivity and a variety of formal, sociopolitical, and personal interests. The work demonstrates an awareness of the plurality of aesthetic issues in the visual arts today, plus concern for the larger society. Thus, the exhibition embodies artistic development within the excellent liberal arts education available at Plattsburgh State. Many individuals have contributed to the maturation of these seniors: faculty, friends, peers, visiting artists, family and others. But the synthesis of influences, and the creative efforts have come from the artists themselves. Both the individual art objects and the exhibition itself are a result of their effort and dedication. The art faculty is pleased to have sponsored these students, and offers them its congratulations.

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