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Motoko Hiraiwa
Thumbnail; painting - Tarvish
1. Tarvish,
 painting, oil
40 x 32
Thumbnail; painting - 2 Tavishes
2. 2 Tavishes,
 painting, oil
36 x 48
Thumbnail; painting - Owari
3. Owari,
 painting, oil
36 x 28
Thumbnail; drawing - Shikato
34. Shikato,
 drawing, gouache, charcoal
38 x 26
Thumbnail; drawing - Shiwa
35. Shiwa,
 drawing, gouache, charcoal
31 x 21
Thumbnail; drawing - Shikaku
36. Shikaku,
 drawing, gouache, charcoal
31 x 21
Thumbnail; drawing - Shirame
37. Shirame,
 drawing, gouache, charcoal
38 x 26
Thumbnail; painting - Keiko
116. Keiko,
 painting, oil
36 x 48
Thumbnail; painting - Futomomo
138. Futomomo,
 painting, oil
34 x 28
Thumbnail; painting - Konnichiwa Liz
160. Konnichiwa Liz,
 painting, oil
24 x 30
Thumbnail; painting - Motoko
161. Motoko,
 painting, oil
34 x 28
Thumbnail; painting - Tav
162. Tav,
 painting, oil
19 x 22
Thumbnail; painting - Liz Grades
163. Liz Grades,
 painting, oil
12 x 9
Image, Self Portrait
Self Portrait, oil on canvas 36 x 48"
I am inspired by the human figure. I like to see the beauty in the rawness, the straightforwardness of human flesh. I like to paint without idealization of the figure, to the point the viewer could be disturbed.

In my painting, I also try to show how I see the moment that is happening, capturing the modelsí personality, emotion, and vibe in the atmosphere. I also am interested in series of self-portraits, which can be challenging but enjoyable as they capture my inner view to the point of being uncomfortable in my own skin.

Inspired strongly by Lucian Freud and Egon Schiele, my work is meant to be raw, without any sugarcoating. My art is meant to be a little askew of reality and distorted, so that it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.
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