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Jeremy Iaquinto
Thumbnail; graphic design - Jackson Brown
67. Jackson Brown,
 graphic design, vinyl banner
10' x 10'
Thumbnail; graphic design - Turmoil
190. Turmoil,
 graphic design, digital print
36 x 24
Thumbnail; graphic design - Breast Cancer
191. Breast Cancer,
 graphic design, digital print
24 x 36
Thumbnail; graphic design - Granny
192. Granny,
 graphic design, digital print
20 x 16
Thumbnail; graphic design - Well Adjusted I
280. Well Adjusted I,
 graphic design, vinyl banner
6' x 4'
Thumbnail; graphic design - Well Adjusted II
281. Well Adjusted II,
 graphic design, vinyl banner
6' x 4'
Image, Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous, graphic design, Adobe Photoshop 11 x 17"
Eyes. They are the single most fascinating objects in art. They may not be in every piece I complete, but the pair viewing my art exists. Our silent conversation provides a window into which this brief meeting is initiated. A dance is created between expression and interpretation.

Art is a way of provoking the mind, to bring joy, contemplation, or even outrage. For me, it is not a release or an escape. It is simply an instant in which I stimulate one’s mind. When a piece is on display and people pass by it without pause, that piece becomes a disaster. The dance does not exist. There needs to be a moment in which something other than the nail holding the piece is working. Every time a person stops and studies, or even just glances at my art, I become a better artist. The positive comments help me to see what is working and the negative ones allow me the opportunity to improve my pieces. This strengthens my artistic foundation. Without valuable feedback, that piece is strictly wallpaper.

In the end, wealth or fame do not matter. The ability to cause others to react to my art is the measure of my success. After all, “An artist cannot fail; it is success to be one.” -Charles Horton Cooley
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