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Alison Parisi
Thumbnail; painting - Small Self Portrait
44. Small Self Portrait,
 painting, encaustic on panel
16 x 12
Thumbnail; painting - Self Portrait in Lace
45. Self Portrait in Lace,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
30 x 24
Thumbnail; painting - Matthew
46. Matthew,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
36 x 24
Thumbnail; painting - Fleur & Gold
47. Fleur & Gold,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
24 x 20
Thumbnail; painting - Self Portrait on Fabric
85. Self Portrait on Fabric,
 painting, encaustic on fabric
36 x 24
Thumbnail; painting - Self Portrait on Fabric
119. Self Portrait on Fabric,
 painting, encaustic on fabric
36 x 30
Thumbnail; painting - Floral Lines
136. Floral Lines,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
48 x 36
Thumbnail; painting - Henrietta
164. Henrietta,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
40 x 30
Thumbnail; painting - Self Portrait
165. Self Portrait ,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
24 x 18
Thumbnail; painting - Fleur de lis
166. Fleur de lis,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
20 x 16
Thumbnail; painting - Pears
167. Pears,
 painting, encaustic & mixed media
20 x 16
Thumbnail; painting - Fleur & Pears (warm)
168. Fleur & Pears (warm),
 painting, egg tempera & mixed media
48 x 36
Image, Self Portrait on Fabric
Self Portrait on Fabric, encaustic on fabric 36 x 30 x 2"
Painting is a medium that allows me to truly express myself. It is the techniques and variety of materials that can be incorporated into the medium that I find so intriguing and exciting. My works are born from the sturdy canvas frame. And it is at this starting base that my paintings can be imagined. Working in encaustic is a challenging process. I feel it is this quality (learning something new about it every day) that I find so attractive. This is why I hope to continue working in the wax, or until I have learned all I can from it.

My work develops in a delicate balance of whim and planning. I view the painting in my mind before it is even accomplished. Then I present sketches and models which I can develop a piece from. But the element of whim emerges when the wax is applied. I never know what one color will do to another or how one fabric will react to the wax. The element of pattern is another aspect of my work that I find striking. These three elements combine so perfectly to create my work.

The work I am developing right now in encaustic is more autobiographical than I like to admit. My self-portraits are really developed out of a frustration of materials but have emerged into a unique series. It was through these portraits that I learned to develop the figure, separate from the face.
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