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Matt Blodgett
Thumbnail; bookarts - When Friends Have All Gone…
109. When Friends Have All Gone…,
 bookarts, 4 color monotype w/collage
20 x 26
Thumbnail; bookarts - And So It Goes…
110. And So It Goes…,
 bookarts, 4 color monotype w/mixed media
33 x 24
Thumbnail; bookarts - The Other Side of Reason
117. The Other Side of Reason,
 bookarts, mixed media, collage on wood
37 x 20
Thumbnail; bookarts - Treatment
169. Treatment,
 bookarts, mixed media, collage on wood
22 x 20
Thumbnail; bookarts - Mobilize (Run)
170. Mobilize (Run),
 bookarts, mixed media, collage on wood
20 x 18
Thumbnail; bookarts - Wait For It
171. Wait For It,
 bookarts, mixed media, collage on wood
16 x 15
Thumbnail; bookarts - Standard Issue
172. Standard Issue,
 bookarts, mixed media, collage on wood
15.5 x 11.5
Thumbnail; bookarts - A Common Promise
173. A Common Promise,
 bookarts, mixed media, collage on wood
16 x 15
Thumbnail; bookarts - After the After-life, Just Before Death
174. After the After-life, Just Before Death,
 bookarts, mixed media, collage in book form
8 x 5.25 x .75
Image, Titled Mobalize (Run)
Mobalize (Run), mixed media on wood panel 20 x 18"
By far the most enjoyable thing about my work is the process of creation. I almost always start a piece and never know what direction it is going to go in until it actually takes form. A lot of my inspiration has come from flipping through old Life magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. These images have so much to say about the time and the people, and almost serve as portholes into another time. What interests me most about the past was the innocence of life. We’ve come so far from the way life was, and I feel we’ve almost lost ourselves on the way. The emotion expressed in so many of these pictures needs no explanation. My journey into printmaking has served as a stepping-stone for me in so many directions. It has opened many doors for me, and has allowed me to take my art down so many avenues I never knew existed. I find something very satisfying about creating art that cannot be reproduced. “One of a kind” art leaves me with a feeling of great accomplishment. The art I create is intended to be interpreted by the viewer. I, of course, have my own underlying meaning for the images, but I like the viewer to make his own judgment about what is being said. Let my art speak to you in whatever way you want it to. I would feel selfish otherwise.
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