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Kelli Rabideau
Thumbnail; painting - Rue Bourbon
74. Rue Bourbon,
 painting, oil on canvas
36 x 48
Thumbnail; painting - The Library
118. The Library,
 painting, oil on canvas
48 x 36
Thumbnail; painting - Together
150. Together,
 painting, oil on canvas
24 x 24
Thumbnail; painting - Indigenous Indignity
242. Indigenous Indignity,
 painting, oil on canvas
84 x 48
Thumbnail; painting - Man With a Hat
243. Man With a Hat,
 painting, oil on canvas
48 x 36
Thumbnail; painting - Quiet Contemplation
244. Quiet Contemplation,
 painting, oil on canvas
36 x 48
Image, Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation, oil on canvas 36 x 48"
Image, Rue Bourbon
Rue Bourbon, oil on canvas 36 x 48"
Universal content and personal meanings are two key components to my paintings. I intentionally choose subject matter that is comprised of deep psychological variants. For that reason, choosing to paint people as subject matter allows for interactions on a variety of levels between the viewer and the painting. This variety is ensured by the fact that individuals would potentially respond to the same area under discussion in a different way. If the painting intrigues people and provokes thought, then I have fulfilled my goal. I look for people to be visually stimulated and ask, “Just what is that person thinking? Who are they? What kind of experiences have they encountered in life?” It is more essential for me to make a painting “feel” like the subject matter being portrayed as opposed to detailed realistic representation. Within this abstraction that deviates away from realism, I show my individual creativity and introspection.

The style of painting that I incorporate is a conglomerate of different techniques. I focus primarily on the human face and paint the face in a plane and shape-oriented method. I aim to challenge the figure-ground relationship with the palette. There is a sense of weightiness/heaviness that is attained when my paintings are complete. This solidity ensures the fact that what is done is there. The painting is undeniable and everpresent.
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