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Anthony AllenMatt BlodgettJack BrandEleanor BrennesholtzVel CapewellIvy CareyGenessa Chamberlain
Daniel ChristieMeghan DresslerGustavo EspinalMotoko HiraiwaEstelle HubbardJeremy IaquintoChristina Kerr
Kari KippMichelle MentonSamantha OrtegaAlison ParisiAdam PlassKelli RabideauKevin SabourinShanna Sweeney
Stanley TrelaJaclyn WeldonKelly WhitfordTakara WilliamsAshley Wolff

Eleanor Brennesholtz
Thumbnail; sculpture - Latter
7. Latter,
 sculpture, fabric, nylon, polyurethane
8' x 6'
Thumbnail; sculpture - Connection
8. Connection,
 sculpture, wax, & porcelain
2' 12' x 2'
Thumbnail; sculpture - Ode To Hesse
52. Ode To Hesse,
 sculpture, twine, rope, nylon, polyurethane
3' x 2'
Thumbnail; sculpture - Layers II
111. Layers II,
 sculpture, wax, string
8' x 2' x 2'
Thumbnail; sculpture - Upright (3 pieces)
112. Upright (3 pieces),
 sculpture, wax, paint, steel, chickenwire
6' x 2' x 2' each
Thumbnail; sculpture - untitled
279. untitled,
 sculpture, foam, wax, paint, wire
2' x 6'
Thumbnail; sculpture - Center
212. Center,
 sculpture, wax
3' x 3' x 6"
Image, Layers I
Layers I, wax, string, wood 18 x 12 x 9.5"
Art, for me, is about the repetition and flow of process. My sculptures create space through repetition. Often the space created around my sculptures is stagnant, making the pieces stand out in their environments. I use repetition in my work to develop the forms themselves. Often, many little pieces are brought together as a whole. The smaller pieces are worthless; they never constitute a piece of art, but when they are put together with hundreds of similar pieces, they convey a meaning and create a space to experience. The idea of irregular repetition comes up in my work as well. The smaller pieces of the whole in my work are made up of things that are nearly the same, but never quite replicate one another.
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